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School Board Candidates Endorsement Letter

Dear voter,

As teachers who care deeply about Minneapolis Public Schools, it is with great hope and a clear vision for where our schools need to go, that we are asking you to vote for Kimberly Caprini and Josh Pauly for school board directors at-large.

Our students, families, and fellow educators are looking for leaders to unite us around a shared vision of high-quality neighborhood schools for every student in Minneapolis. As our schools are struggling with declining enrollment, increasing segregation, and structural budget deficits, it is critical that our board includes members who will carefully consider the coming decisions necessary to address those problems.

As teachers and advocates for our students, we strongly believe it is unacceptable that all of our schools do not have a fully stocked library, let alone a librarian. It is not okay that we are spending on superfluous testing rather than having enough Special Ed and support staff in each building. It is unsafe and inhumane for our students to be without a licensed school nurse in every school, every day. Under no circumstance should our schools have to choose between math and band, or reading and world language. There are no excuses and we need to have board members who reflect the values that our students deserve.

Our union is working to expand evidence-based practices in Minneapolis Public Schools that will raise student achievement, build relationships between families and educators, help develop and retain teachers and staff, and stabilize our schools. As a union fighting for students, teachers and ESPs have endorsed Kimberly and Josh because we believe they will bring valuable experience to the board and are willing to make tough decisions in order to expand opportunity for all. Kimberly, as a longtime Northside parent activist and Josh, as a former Minneapolis Public Schools teacher, will do what’s right for all of our students.

For too long our district has avoided some difficult decisions around reconciling the needs and wants for our MPS school communities. Please join us in endorsing Kimberly and Josh because our students deserve a school board that will be a champion for our public schools, our collective vision, and get education right for all of our students.

We appreciate your careful consideration.

Greta Callahan                                        Doug Werner

MPS Teacher                                           MPS Teacher

MFT Recording Secretary                        MFT COPE Chair

2017 Teacher of the Year Finalist                     

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