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Statement on Upcoming Mayoral Budget Address and Full Service Community Schools

The Minnesota Miracle 2.0 Coalition would like to applaud Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s efforts to reconcile Minneapolis nation leading racial and economic disparities through championing policies and funding decisions that promote greater housing accessibility, safer communities and economic equity. 

We hope that Mayor Frey will also include the Minneapolis Full-Service Community School Initiative in his plan. It directly aligns with his vision to have various stakeholders “uniting around a shared vision and charting a course that quite simply improves people’s lives.”  

The full-service community school model does not treat educational issues and disparities as separate issues, but provides community stakeholders and leaders the space, resources and opportunity to unite and solve them together.

We want to see a thriving and equitable Minneapolis, and hope that Mayor Frey will see the Full-Service Community School Initiative as a way to make this possible.

Who we are

The Minnesota Miracle 2.0 Coalition is a group of faith leaders, union leaders and members, community organizers, students, parents and educators who believe our state’s shameful racial and economic disparities can be eliminated - when elected officials choose to invest in quality public education for all.  

Members include Achievement Plus, Black Lives Vision Collective, Brooklyn Center Community Schools, Education Minnesota, Education Minnesota's Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee, St. Paul Federation of Teachers, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, ISAIAH, Navigate MN, OutFront Minnesota, Parents Group and Academics United, Service Employees International Union Local 284 and Teamsters 320.  

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